At Home Safety Policy and Protocols

The At Home staff follows the best practices and guidance from the CDC to help prevent the spread of infections and illnesses. Our infection control policies are based on the constantly updated CDC guidelines for source control, quarantine, testing procedures, and COVID vaccine mandates from the state and federal government. Our diligence in following the CDC’s guidelines makes it possible for us to keep our patients, their families, and our staff healthy and happy, and ready to rejoin community life.

Our safety procedure includes, but is not limited to:

Screening the staff and patients for signs and symptoms of illness, recent travel, or exposure to anyone with known illnesses.

We will take vital signs and interview family and staff to ensure each patient is well enough to receive in-home therapy.

Our staff is vaccinated and/or regularly tested for COVID, as is required.

We supply our staff with the proper Personal Protective Equipment and sanitizers to ensure their safety while offering services.

We will wash our hands before and after treating each patient.

We will wear a mask for the safety of each patient and all staff members.

We will socially distance when the patient is not involved in direct care.

We will avoid treating any patients in an area of the home or facility that is crowded with others or is poorly ventilated.

Those staff members who are ill will not be allowed to treat and will quarantine as per the CDC guidelines.

If a patient is ill, the patient or caregiver will report their illness to At Home, and the patient's treatment will be continued only upon receiving permission from a doctor or medical authority.

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